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Wow it's July when did that happen. I haven't been here in months. Ha ha. Well I guess in terms of life updates I'm transferring to my state university because the little liberal arts college I've been attending was getting far too expensive and just had no resources for me and my particular academic interests. But umass should be fun, eh? I'm already pretty friendly with some of the staff from the Scandinavian/German and Medieval departments, everyone is so nice and enthusiastic (but it's a teeny weenie department so new blood is good and all that). It feels good to have found my niche. I just didn't guess when I started college that it was going to be Germanic languages/literature and medieval history! So I'm officially a Scandinavian studies major and I'm gonna be starting Swedish in the fall on to of more Old Norse and because I'm gonna have a few extra class spaces in my last three semesters I'll finally be able to take French and German! And I'm gonna go to Sweden the summer after next to finish up my third year language requirement through a 6-week program in Stockholm! (since the university ironically only offers 2 years of swedish though you're required to take 3 to graduate.) I'm pretty pumped. My course load for the Fall is all vikings all the time. Viking revival in the 19th century, scandinavian mythology (ohohoho i'm gonna write more academic papers about loki hahahahaha), german junior writing seminar, swedish 110, and advanced old norse!

Also i'm finally getting my license i just have to pass the road test in three weeks haahahahahakillmenow.

Also if y'all haven't played a game called OFF you should go check it out right away because whoa man I don't think I've ever been so deeply affected by a video game in my entire life, and a simple 16-bit one at that! For those that don't know 'OFF' is a FREE to download rpg game that takes about 6-10 hours to play through depending on how thorough you are that was created a few years ago by a Belgian dude who goes by the alias 'Mortis Ghost.' It's quirky and strange and can be a bit disturbing and upsetting, though it's not what one would call a horror game, rather more a mystery! There are puzzles, and ghosts, and you play as a stoic, baseball bat-wielding man only ever called 'The Batter,' though one of things that makes OFF particularly special is that you do not become the Batter in order to interact with the game's world. You yourself are a character that other characters will talk to. The Batter is your puppet, and you, the puppeteer. But the Batter has an agenda of his own that you are not always privy to. The game is quite an experience, and the fandom around it is HUGE. I have literally never been in a fandom that had so much quality artwork packed so closely together. I've been drowning in it (and not minding one bit).

But enough advertising, how have you all been faring?


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Sophomore in college and aspiring academic. I am a storyteller by nature and a writer by inclination. My current focus is on Scandinavian studies (have me a soft spot for Norse Mythology) and Irish/British studies. Literature and history both. I'm a romantic at heart and can be over-dramatic without realizing it. I feel in extremes but react, for the most part, in moderation. INFJ (Meyers-Briggs)

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We better talk more fdrxjgvbfrdbgh.
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Oh! Thank you! c: Sorry I haven't been on at all lately. College slowly takes over your life. I miss talking to you, I feel like we've drifted a lot since the summer. I've also been sorting through a lot of things, dealing with figuring out what I'm gonna do with my life, trying to write original stuff (and deciding not to post any of it online anymore, one awkward experience having a professor find my screenplay exercise on deviantart was enough) and also essays for my classes. And then having a social life.

But hey, we both have less than 3 months of school left! Are you excited? When do you get out? I know you usually are done with school earlier in Arizona than over hear in New England (we're having the loveliest weather imaginable today), so you're probably done only a week or so after I am. (Last day of actual class being May 3rd).

And on an unrelated note, have you seen The Secret of Kells? Because if you haven't you need to go do that right this second, because the animation is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and the music is gorgeous and the story is myth and it's Irish legends and I was just gross sobbing the whole time I was watching it. If you have seen it than rant about it with me.
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when i clicked on my messages today i saw that it was your birthday! so happy birthday emma!
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Aww, thank you! Sorry I haven't been on at all lately, college just consumes everything.
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